My Audiobook Life

"Alexandra's delivery of my manuscript's text mirrored exactly how I had imagined the lines when I wrote them."

-Ophelia Alexander, author Thinking About Her

A working LA based actor, Alexandra has used her sparkle and wit to bring audiences joy since the age of 12. She has a BA in theater from Oberlin College and is both classically trained (British American Drama Academy in Oxford) and has an improv background (trained at Uprights Citizen's Brigade and has performed all over Los Angeles). An East Coast transplant (growing up in DC and New York) and a former Francophile, Alexandra is known in the voice over world for creating authentic younger characters. She's skilled with a broad range of realistic, distinct characters and accents. Areas of special knowledge are: math & science, knitting, ballet (She's a former classically trained dancer), and dog-momming, .When not working with one of the studios around Los Angeles, CA, she records from her professional grade home booth (click on the My Voice Over Life” to see specs).

LGBTQ fiction - multiple characters
Middle Grade - 3rd person
YA - 1st person
YA; romance; boy-girl dialogue
Nonfiction - science & mathematics